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How to perform a system software update for the Airpeak drone

    To update the system software:

    You need to download and install the dedicated Airpeak Flight app on your mobile device.  The app is available for download on the Apple App Store.  

    Once the app is installed, connect the mobile device to the remote controller and then connect to the internet.  Then, with the aircraft and remote controller connected, perform the operations (steps) listed in the Updating the system software section of the Airpeak Help Guide.   

    Note:  Always make sure the latest version of the Airpeak Flight app is used when updating the software.  It's also recommended to confirm you have the latest firmware version installed on your camera. Available firmware updates are posted on the Camera model support pages..

    System software release notes:


    Software version
    • Aircraft (ARS-S1): Ver. 1.1.0 (About 726 MB)
    • Remote controller (RCR-VH1): Ver. 1.1.0 (About 362 MB)

    App version

    • Airpeak Flight: Ver. 1.2.0

    Update content

    • Supports the Direct Repeat Flight function
      • A path you flew before can be repeated immediately offline, without having to connect to the cloud
    • Adds new camera settings such as the drive mode or the file format that can be controlled
      • In addition to the settings such as aperture value or shutter speed that can be controlled currently, more detailed camera settings such as the drive mode or the file format are now supported
        Note: The items that can be controlled differ depending on the camera model.
    • Adds camera models that can use focus-related functions (displaying a focus frame, moving the focus point in some focus modes)
    • Supports preview display for still images taken during a flight
      • Turning on Display still images taken as thumbnails in Display of the General settings displays thumbnails on the lower right of the screen when still images are taken during a flight
    • Added the ILCE-7M4 as a preset in the Main tuning of the Gimbal settings
    • The position or order on the flight screen of various functions of the Aircraft, Remote controller, Camera, or Gimbal can be changed by pressing and holding the side menu on the flight screen
    • Supports the Remote ID function that broadcasts identification information via radio waves remotely
    • Improves an issue where landing is sometimes unstable when the Vision Positioning function is disabled
    • Fixes an issue where the autofocus is run again when pressing the shutter even when the focus is already set
    • Fixes an issue where the Vision Positioning function is not enabled when the flight mode is set to Std (Speed), and where the Vision Positioning function is not disabled when the flight mode is set to Alt (Altitude)

    Note: Aircraft, Remote Controller, and Airpeak Flight mobile app will all be updated at the same time. After the update, the system software version of the Aircraft and Remote Controller will be 1.1.0, and the version for Airpeak Flight mobile app will be 1.2.0.


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