Article ID : 00273954 / Last Modified : 12/23/2021

How to perform a system software update for the Airpeak drone

    To update the system software:

    You need to download and install the dedicated Airpeak Flight app on your mobile device.  The app is available for download on the Apple App Store.  

    Once the app is installed, connect the mobile device to the remote controller and then connect to the internet.  Then, with the aircraft and remote controller connected, perform the operations (steps) listed in the Updating the system software section of the Airpeak Help Guide.   

    Note: Always make sure the latest version of the Airpeak Flight app is used when updating the software.

    System software release notes:


    Software version

     - Aircraft (ARS-S1): Ver. 1.0.6 (About 800 MB)

     - Remote controller (RCR-VH1): Ver. 1.0.6 (About 400 MB)

    App version

     - Airpeak Flight: Ver. 1.1.1

    Update content

      - Improves flight safety and warnings for aircraft issues


    Software version

     - Aircraft (ARS-S1): Ver. 1.0.5 (About 800 MB)

     - Remote controller (RCR-VH1): Ver. 1.0.5 (About 400 MB)

    App version

     - Airpeak Flight: Ver. 1.1.0

    Update content

     - Improves an issue where video transmission quality may deteriorate in dual operation mode under certain conditions

     - Fixes an issue where geofences are not accurately represented under certain conditions

     - Supports initialization of the aircraft and remote controller (Airpeak Flight Ver. 1.1.0 or later is required)


    Please also confirm you have the latest firmware version installed on your camera. Available firmware updates are posted on the Camera model support pages.