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Can't change the LinkBuds volume when connected to a TV

    This issue occurs when the Tap Operation function is set to Playback control instead of Volume Control, or if you use the TV buttons or TV remote control to adjust the volume.

    Note: Volume Control is not set in new units (i.e., factory default settings).

    The LinkBuds volume can only be increased or decreased directly on the headphones when connected to a wireless transmitter WLA-NS7 or a TV that supports Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). You can't adjust the LinkBuds volume directly from the TV or TV remote control.

    To resolve the issue, set Volume Control to the earbud (left or right) you want to use to control the volume and use the headphones to adjust the volume.

    1. Open the Sony | Headphones Connect app and remove the earbuds from the case to establish a Bluetooth® connection.
    2. Tap the System tab, and select (Settings) under the Change the default Tap Operation Functio section.
    3. On the Edit screen, select the left side (L) tab, change the Function to Volume Control, and then tap Done.
      Note: If you prefer to adjust the volume using the right side, you can assign Volume Control to the right side instead.
    4. Adjust the volume by tapping the left side: either directly on the earbud or by using the Wide Area Tap function (if it's turned on).

      Tap the area on the side of the face near the opening of the ear

      • To increase the volume: double tap left side
      • To decrease the volume: triple tap left side