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How to reset or initialize the LinkBuds S

    Reset the LinkBuds S

    The reset procedure is performed separately for each side. The device registration (pairing) information and other settings are retained.

    Watch this video or follow these steps for instructions:

    1. Put one of the LinkBuds S into the charging case.
      Note: Leave charging case lid open.
    2. Press and hold the charging case reset button for approximately 15 seconds until the indicator light slowly flashes orange for about five seconds.
      Note:  When the indicator light stops blinking, the earbud begins the reset procedure. When the reset is complete, the indicator light is lit orange or green for about three seconds to show the remaining earbud battery charge and then turns off.

    3. When the indicator light turns off release the reset button.
    4. Remove the earbud from the charging case and start the procedure again from beginning with the other earbud.

    Initialize the LinkBuds S to restore the factory settings

    IMPORTANT: The initialize operation resets all the device settings to the factory defaults and deletes all pairing information.

    Watch this video or follow the steps for instructions:

    Note: When the remaining battery charge of the charging case is too low, the headset will not start an initialize operation. If this is the case, charge the charging case.

    1. Put the earbuds of the LinkBuds S headset into the charging case.
      Note: Leave the lid of the charging case open.
    2. Press and hold the initialize button on the charging case for about 15 seconds until the indicator light flashes twice in blue and then starts flashing orange.
      Note:  Release your finger within five seconds after the indicator light starts flashing orange.
    3. When the initializing is complete, the indicator light on the charging case flashes green four times.
      Note: If the indicator light doesn't flash green four times after performing step 3, the earbuds didn't initialize. Try again from step 2.
    4. After initializing the earbuds, delete the pairing information from any connected device, then pair the device again.

    Note:  You can also initialize the earbuds using the Sony | Headphones Connect app.