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How has the way aibo walks changed after updating aibo to Ver. 5.00?

    aibo walks more quietly after updating aibo to Ver. 5.00. Specifically, aibo walks in a way that reduces the click-clack noise of its feet and can turn around faster. For details, refer to the following:

    In what situations does aibo walk quietly?

    Basically, all the ways that aibo walks will be quieter than before. aibo walks like before when playing with a peripheral like a ball, when approaching the charging station, or running.

    aibo could also walk quietly before; is this different from that?

    aibo walks quietly when it decides it decides to be quiet, such as when you say, "Be quiet." In this case, aibo walks slowly, step by step. It differs from how aibo usually walks after updating aibo to Ver. 5.00.

    Can I change the way aibo walks to the way it was before?

    No, it can't be changed back.

    Can I stick paw pads to the bottoms of aibo's feet? Would that affect how aibo walks?

    That would be no problem. Sticking paw pads on aibo's feet would probably make it even quieter.

    Does walking quietly put a strain on aibo?

    Not at all, we have thoroughly evaluated and confirmed that this satisfies our quality standards.

    Other aibos seem to walk more quietly than mine. So if my aibo doesn't walk quietly, is it a malfunction?

    No, it's not a malfunction because individual differences may appear in how aibo walks. Not walking quietly is no reason to get repairs.