Music Center for PC

    Main features/Specifications


    Supported formats

    ATRAC (.oma/.aa3) / ATRAC Advanced Lossless (.oma/.aa3) / WAV (.wav) / MP3 (.mp3) / AAC (.3gp/.mp4/.m4a) / HE-AAC (.3gp/.mp4/.m4a) / WMA (.wma) / DSD (.dsf/.dff) / FLAC (.flac) / MQA (.mqa.flac) / APE (.ape) / ALAC (.mp4/.m4a) / AIFF (.aiff/.aif)

    Playback of High-Resolution Audio sources


    • The sound quality of music in the MQA format is equal to the FLAC format when played back on the computer.
    Playback of music CDs
    Equalizer function
    Home network functions
    You can transfer music from “Music Center for PC”. You can also use “Music Center for PC” as a server.
    USB-DAC output
    ASIO / WASAPI exclusive
    Playback of videos and photos
    Not available
    Podcast function
    Not available


    Transferring music to audio devices such as the WALKMAN®


    • Transferable music file formats differ depending on the destination audio device.
    Transferring music with codec conversion
    You can transfer music files by converting them into the AAC format.
    Importing music CDs
    You can choose the file format for music imported from CDs. Select from the following formats.
    FLAC (.flac) / WAV (.wav) / MP3 (.mp3) / AAC (.mp4)


    Editing music information/registering and changing cover art
    Available with manual editing
    Editing playlists

    Importable in the M3U format (.m3u/.m3u8)

    • You may not be able to import playlists created on other manufacturers’ products.
    • You cannot use a CUE sheet.
    Dividing and combining music files
    Only dividing is available (.mp3).
    Converting the formats of music files
    Available (.wav)


    Updating the software of audio devices that support the auto-update function


    • When you import music content to “Music Center for PC”, some of the metadata may be lost.