Article ID : S1F0928 / Last Modified : 08/13/2019

Car audio compatibility for Walkman® & iPod® / iPhone® Devices

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    General Notes

    • The operations of the USB devices described on this Web site are validated under certain conditions. These specifications may change after this is published, thus, the information described on this Web site may be different from the latest information.
    • The chart shows the validation result of the USB connected devices, but it doesn't necessarily mean that all results for each USB connected model are guaranteed.
    • Please refer to the operating instructions or contact the manufacturer of the device for more information.
    • Depending on the device, some functions (such as Reverse/Fast-Forward a track) may be unavailable.
    • If you cannot operate the USB function of the car audio system, follow these steps:
      • Remove the USB device from the car audio unit.
      • Turn off the car audio unit by pressing the [Source] button for 2 seconds.
      • Turn on the car audio unit by pressing the [Source] button.
      • Re-connect the USB device.
    • Depending on the type of the character code used for the attached information of music file, the characters of the music title may not be displayed correctly.
    • This device supports the following file formats: MP3, WMA and AAC.
    • If you start the car engine with the USB device connected to the car audio unit, some USB devices may be damaged or have a malfunction. Be sure to connect the USB device only after starting the car.
    • This information is subject to change without notice.
    • Supported Functions:
      • Battery Charging (For WALKMAN® players only)
      • Music playback (Skip Tracks, Reverse/Fast Forward a Track, Pause, Repeat/Shuffle play)
      • ZAPPIN™
      • Quick-BrowZer™
      • SensMe™ Channels