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WARNING: eCigs, Vape Pens, and Lithium-Ion Batteries

    Sony has great concern for the safety of our consumers. We recently became aware that some people may use our cylindrical lithium-ion VTC battery cells ("Li-Ion Cells") in a way that Sony does not intend for them to be used: in eCigarettes and vape pens. Sony has not tested Li-Ion cells in eCigs and vape pens. Because of the high power, Sony Li-Ion Cells require safety precautions and mechanisms to make their use safe. Sony is not aware of eCigarettes or vape pens that have such safety mechanisms. Misuse of Sony Li-Ion Cells in eCigarettes and vape pens may cause a serious risk to personal property and safety.

    This issue is important to the US Fire Marshall and to the Consumer Technology Association, who have both released reports or statements on it.

    The Sony Li-Ion Cells are sold to manufacturers and meant to power products like power tools that contain certain safety precautions and mechanisms which meet our quality standards.

    Please take care to follow all manufacturer guidelines to ensure your safety. For questions about whether a Sony battery cell of any type may be used in a particular product, please email us at Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.