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Sony® Devices Compatible with the Walkman® MP3 Player (USB Connection)

        O = Available
        — = Unavailable

    Device Capability
    Play music stored on the Walkman player
    (available formats in parentheses)
    Record music to the Walkman player
    (available formats in parentheses)
    Mini Hi-Fi Component System
    FST-ZUX9 O (MP3) O (MP3)
    LBT-DJ2i O (MP3 / WMA) O (MP3)
    MHC-GTX888 O (MP3 / WMA) O (MP3)
    MHC-GTX777 O (MP3 / WMA) O (MP3)
    LBT-ZTX7 O (MP3 / WMA) O (MP3)
    LBT-ZT4 O (MP3 / WMA) O (MP3)
    Multi Channel A/V Receiver
    STR-DA5200ES O (MP3)
    Car Stereo*1
    CDX-GT410U O (MP3 / WMA)
    CDX-GT610UI O (MP3 / WMA)
    CDX-GT81UW O (MP3 / WMA)
    CDX-GT420U O (MP3 / WMA)
    CDX-GT620U O (MP3 / WMA)
    CDX-GT920U O (MP3 / WMA)
    DVD Home Theatre System
    DAV-DZ275 O (MP3 / WMA) O (MP3)
    20GB Model O (MP3 / WMA)
    60GB Model O (MP3 / WMA)

    *1 Be sure to turn on the car engine and the USB-capable car audio unit before connecting the player with the USB cable.