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Rolly™ Remote Software

    The Rolly Remote software makes it possible to establish a Bluetooth connection between the Rolly player and the computer and perform the following Rolly functions from the computer:

    • Open the "Rolly Track List" to view the track titles
    • Select and play music tracks
    • Control the Rolly player movements in conjunction with the music
    • Connect to up to seven Rolly players at the same time

    IMPORTANT: The computer must be equipped with Bluetooth that supports the Serial Port Profile (SPP) specification in order to establish a connection with the Rolly player in the "Bluetooth control mode".

    How to Get the Rolly Remote Software

    The Rolly Remote software is available as a free download from the Sony eSupport site.
    Note: In order to use the Rolly Remote software, the Rolly player must have firmware version 2.00, or higher, installed.

    Please click the links below to download the firmware update and Rolly Remote software.