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Custom Integrator Specialty Product Advance Exchange Program

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Updated: 01/31/2018

Under the Sony Advance Exchange program for Custom Integrators, if you experience a problem with any of the models listed within 60 days after purchase from a Sony authorized distributor, you may be entitled to receive a new unit at no cost in exchange for your return of the defective unit. Custom Integrators must provide a copy of the customer invoice as Proof of Purchase in order to qualify for A Class Advance Exchange.

Applicable Models

AV Receivers

  • STR-DA1800ES
  • STR-DA2800ES
  • STR-DA5800ES
  • STR-ZA1000ES
  • STR-ZA2000ES
  • STR-ZA3000ES
  • STR-ZA5000ES
  • STR-ZA810ES
  • STR-ZA1100ES
  • STR-ZA2100ES
  • STR-ZA3100ES

Home Theater Projectors

  • VPL-HW45ES
  • VPL-HW65ES
  • VPL-VW285ES
  • VPL-VW385ES
  • VPL-VW885ES
  • VPL-VW675ES
  • VPL-VW1100ES
  • VPL-VW5000ES
  • VPL-VZ1000ES

Important Notes

  • This program is for Sony authorized Custom Integrators only.
  • A copy of the customer's invoice as Proof of Purchase, and a valid credit card are required for this program.
  • The credit card will be charged only if the defective unit is not returned to Sony.
  • Custom Integrators who need assistance should call 866-924-SONY (866-924-7669).

If you are not a Custom Integrator and experience a problem with one of these models, please call Sony Customer Support at 877-619-SONY (877-619-7669) for assistance.