Article ID : SX570802 / Last Modified : 11/21/2021

What is VoLTE and its benefits?

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    VoLTE or Voice over LTE offers the possibility to make voice calls through an LTE/4G mobile network. However, you can perform this with the following conditions. You may contact your service provider to verify applicable options for your Xperia® device.

    • Make sure your mobile device supports VoLTE.

    • Make sure your SIM card service provider and subscription also supports VoLTE and should be compatible with your mobile device.

    • In some cases, your mobile device may need to be operator-branded and/or should use operator-customized system software.

    • WIthin range of an LTE/4G network.


    • Faster call setup and better voice quality

    • The phone remains in the LTE/4G network during voice calls

    • You can use LTE/4G data services, such as web surfing and tethering, and simultaneously make and receive calls.