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How do I use the Picture-in-Picture mode? (Android 8 and later )

    The Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode allows videos to shrink down to a small resizable window. There are several different video streaming applications that support PiP, and the method to launch it depends on the application.

    Launch PiP

    Note: The apps listed below isn't complete. The number of apps that support PiP, as well as the exact PiP functionality, may change over time due to updates from app developers. Make sure that the app you want use has the latest update.

    • Chrome: Start a video in full-screen mode, then tap the Home button.

    • YouTube™: Subscribe to YouTube Premium, which is YouTube’s ad-free service based on a paid membership. Start a video, then tap the Home button.

      Note: YouTube Premium is not available in every country.

    • Google Maps: Plan a route and start navigation. Then tap the Home button.

    • Google Play Movies & TV: Start a video, then tap the Home button.

    • VLC Media Player: Start a video, then tap the Menu (three horizontal dots) → Pop-Up player.

    • Facebook: Tap the video you want to play so that it opens in the video player. Tap the PiP icon (a square within a square) in the top left corner.

    Use PiP

    • Tap the PiP window to display the playback control icons (Play, Fast Forward, and Rewind) and a Center button that maximizes the app. To hide the playback controls, tap the window.

    • The picture-in-picture window is moveable. Tap and hold the window, and then drag to move it to any part of your phone or tablet’s screen. Lift your finger to release it. If you let go somewhere in the middle, the window snaps to the closest valid location.

    • To close the picture-in-picture window, tap and hold it, and then drag it to the bottom of the screen. If this doesn't close the window, try to quickly swipe the window towards any side of your screen.