Article ID : SX918302 / Last Modified : 05/13/2022

What are the system requirements to playback or edit an HDR video recorded with Cinema Pro or camera app?

I want to edit a 4K or Full HD HDR video on a computer, what are the system requirements? / Which file formats and codecs need to be supported in order to playback or edit HDR videos recorded with Cinema Pro or camera app? / Which applications can be used to edit HDR videos recorded with Cinema Pro or camera app?

    Valid for

    • Videos recorded with Cinema Pro
    • 4K or Full HD HDR videos recorded with the camera app
      Note: From Xperia® 1 III and later models, the Camera app function has been merged to Photography Pro basic mode.


    Playback requirements

    • H.265, (also known as HEVC, High Efficiency Video Coding)
    • 10 bit
    • MP4

    The display must support:

    • HDR, HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) format

    Editing requirements

    The above requirements are also valid for editing. In addition, the editing application must support the following video standard:

    • Rec.2020, (also known as BT.2020) or Rec.2100, (also known as BT.2100)

    There are third-party apps which can be used for editing. Make sure to always use the latest app version.

    Note: Please be aware that Sony does not warranty or guarantee the performance of any third party's equipment and is not responsible for any damage or reduced performance of your device attributable to the use of third-party equipment.