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There is no sound or the earbud doesn't work when using one earbud by itself

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    The following issues may occur due to specific settings in the Sony | Headphones Connect app.

    • There is no sound when using only one earbud (headphones).
    • The headphones disconnect when putting one side back in the charging case.
    • The Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa™ feature doesn't work when using only one earbud.
    • The Touch Sensor Control doesn't work when using only one earbud.

    Note: Due to changes Google made to the Google Assistant feature on December 7, 2021, linking headphones to the Google Assistant app for iOS will not be available.

    Steps to troubleshoot the issue

    The steps may differ depending on your model. If you need model specific information to complete any step, refer to your product manuals .

    1. Disable the Pauses when headphones are taken off feature.
      Note: If this feature is enabled while you are using both earbuds at the same time and you remove one earbud, the remaining earbud will Pause. In this case, you will need to press Play to resume.
      1. Open the Sony | Headphones Connect app and tap the System tab.
      2. Scroll down to Pauses when headphones are taken off and tap the toggle switch next to it to disable the feature.
    2. Check that the touch sensor on the earbud you want to use by itself is set up to support the use of one earbud at a time. The steps will vary depending on your model. Select your model for more information.
      • If Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa is enabled, you must use the side set up (assigned) with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa function. The other side will not work alone.
      • For the LinkBuds and LinkBuds UC only: When the Service Link feature is turned On in the Sony | Headphones Connect app, only the Right side can be used by itself. You can't use only the Left side by itself.

      LinkBuds S (WF-LS900N) or WF-1000XM4

      LinkBuds UC, LinkBuds (WF-L900), WF-1000XM3, WF-H800, or WF-SP800N


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