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Unable to charge the battery when the camera is connected to a computer using the micro USB cable.

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To check the connection of the camera and the computer, follow these steps below.

  1. Power on the computer.

    NOTE: If you are using a notebook computer, connect the computer to the AC adaptor.

  2. Power off the camera before connecting the USB cable to the terminal of the camera.


    • The camera does not charge when it is powered on.
    • As the camera switches to the USB connection mode, connect the USB cable about 10 seconds right after the power supply of the camera goes to automatic power off.
  3. Connect the camera to the computer using the USB cable.

    Connect the camera to the computer

  4. Confirm that the CHG light is lit up.

    NOTE: The charge lamp is located next to the multi/micro USB terminal of the camera, and it lights orange while charging.


    Image A: Shows the location of the charge lamp (CHG). Image B: Shows that the charge lamp (CHG) will light up orange while charging.

    NOTE: The location of the charge lamp and micro USB port may differ depending on the model of the camera. To check the location of the charge lamp and micro USB port, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    Determine the charge status by looking at the charge lamp:

    • Steady light - The battery pack is being charged. (The lamp goes off when charging is complete.)
    • Flashing slowly (at intervals of about 1.3 sec) - Charging is temporarily suspended because the battery temperature is too high or too low.
    • Flashing quickly (at intervals of about 0.3 sec) - Charging is suspended because a problem with charging has been detected.
    • Lights up and immediately goes out - Charging is complete.
  5. If the previous step did not resolve the issue, connect the camera to a different USB port of the computer.
  6. If the camera still does not charge after you have connected the camera to another USB port of the computer, connect the camera to another computer.


  • The battery pack does not charge when the computer is in sleep mode. Wake the computer from sleep mode before connecting the camera to the computer via a USB cable.
  • If the AC power supply is not used in charging the notebook computer, the battery usually worn out. It is recommended to connect the notebook computer to an AC adaptor to charge with USB.
  • Connecting the USB cable to a USB hub may not work. Connect the USB cable directly to the USB terminal of your computer.
  • Use the USB cable supplied with your camera.

    supplied USB cable

NOTE: If you are using a computer with a Windows® 8.1 or Windows® 10 operating system installed, the camera may not charged unless a driver is updated. Check the following articles for further details.