Multiple services are in use. For example, when you sign in to one service you are signed in to other services as well, or when you sign out of one service you remain signed in to other services.

    You sign in to services such as Creators' Cloud or Master Cut (Beta)* by signing in to a shared account (Creators' Cloud membership). When using multiple services, the timing of signing in and signing out is as follows.

    • Sign in

      Basically, you must sign in to each service individually. However, when you are signed in to one service and then open another service, you may find that you are already signed in to the second service, depending on the timing of the operations.

    • Sign out

      When you are using multiple services and sign out of one of them, you are not signed out of the other services. You need to sign out of each service individually.

    • *Some services are not available in certain countries or regions.