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Unable to export edited videos larger than 4GB to the camera using the PlayMemories Home software and exported movies cannot be played back.

    Check the following when trying to export edited videos larger than 4GB into the camera, or exported videos cannot be played back:

    • The exporting function is not available with the PlayMemories Home™ for Mac software.
    • The PlayMemories Home software does not support exporting video files larger than 4GB except for AVCHD and XAVC S format. Video files larger than 4GB may be exported by copying it manually to the memory card. However, the camera may not recognize and playback the video file.
    • If the images were recorded using a device other than your camera:
      • Movie recording formats and playable file sizes differ by camera. Exported images may not play back correctly on devices other than the camera used to record them.
      • Export images to the same camera that you used to record them.
    • If the movies were edited using a software other than the PlayMemories Home software:
      • The movies may not play back on the camera.
      • The movies may not export successfully.
    • Edited movies in the MP4 or XAVC S format may not be played back on the camera even if they were successfully exported to the camera.
    • If you export XAVC S files to the camera, thumbnail images may not be displayed on the playback screen.

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