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What Is a RAW Image File?

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    "RAW" has the same meaning of "raw" such as in "raw vegetables," and is not an abbreviation like JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group). Digital cameras generally perform digital processing to the output signals from image sensor, and create JPEG images. Meanwhile, RAW is an image format whose processing parameters can be adjusted freely by photographers, so there is no digital processing done on the image.


    • RAW images taken with Sony cameras are saved with the .ARW extension.
    • RAW files are much larger than JPEG files and require programs to open and edit the files.
      • Imaging Edge Desktop is an application that allows the display and editing of RAW files once transferred to a computer.
    • If you have enough storage capability and your camera has the feature, saving a JPEG+RAW file for each image creates one image for viewing and another for editing.