ZV-E1: Perfect automatic framing

    This section introduces Auto Framing and Framing Stabilizer, which have similar names but are different features that cannot be used together.
    Both features are used in the movie recording mode, and because the original 4K image is cropped, the angle of view becomes narrower.
    Take advantage of optimal automatic framing by the camera.

    Auto Framing

    As you record or stream, the camera tracks recognized subjects and automatically crops and recomposes the shot.
    Even when the camera is still, this automatic camerawork can enliven your videos.

    • Designed for tripod shooting, with the camera kept still.
    • Image stabilization is turned off.
    • If you are streaming yourself, the camera automatically recomposes the shot to keep you in the frame, even if you move.
    • Also useful when a few people are within the angle of view (in a camping scene, for example) and you want the camera to keep reframing the main subject as needed during recording.

    The monitor continues to show the full angle of view, and while auto framing is active, a frame is displayed to indicate the cropped area.

    Image of a man and woman pitching a tent. A cropping frame is shown around the woman’s face.
    A cropping frame is displayed on the camera monitor.

    A cropped image, with the woman’s facial expression easier to recognize.
    Image actually captured

    Setting procedure

    MENU (Shooting) → Shooting OptionAuto Framing SettingsAuto FramingOn.

    In MENU (Shooting) → Shooting OptionAuto Framing Settings, select an item to set, and then select your preferred setting.

    • Available settings include the framing operation mode, crop level (extent of cropping), and framing tracking speed.

    For detailed instructions, see the following page.
    Shooting with camera-work even if the camera is fixed

    Framing Stabilizer

    The camera automatically corrects the composition so that the subject being tracked is kept at the same position in the composition, allowing you to record movies with the position of the subject stable.

    • SteadyShot is locked to Dynamic active.
    • This feature is used with Touch Operation set to On.
    • Automatically corrects how shots are composed to keep the tracked subject in the same position in the composition.
    • Maintains a consistent composition whether you are shooting while walking, running next to the subject, or in other situations.

    Image of a man and woman on a boat. A white tracking frame is shown around the woman’s face.
    Subject recognition frames or tracking frames are displayed on the monitor according to the shooting conditions.

    Setting procedure

    Set MENU (Shooting) → Image StabilizationFraming Stabilizer to On.

    For detailed instructions, see the following page.
    Recording movies with the position of the subject stable

    All images used here are provided for illustrative purposes only.