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How to use your Alpha or DSC camera to live stream using the USB port with Imaging Edge Webcam software

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    If your Sony camera has the USB Streaming feature, it is the easiest method to live stream as you can receive video and audio through the camera. Another option to consider is Imaging Edge Webcam software. Check your operation manuals for detailed information and live streaming compatibility.

    Steps to install and use the software

    Watch the video or skip to the steps for instructions.

    1. Verify that your camera is supported, select your model, and install the Imaging Edge Webcam software on your computer (restart the computer after installation).

      Note: We recommend turning off the computer's sleep mode before using Imaging Edge Webcam software.

    2. Turn on your camera.
    3. Depending on your model, follow these setup steps before connecting your camera to the computer:


      ILCE-9M2 or ILCE-7C/7RM4/7RM4A


      ILCE-9M3/ILCE-7RM5/7CR/7CM2/7M4/6700, ZV-E1, ZV-1F/1M2 or ILME-FX3/FX30



      Other supported cameras

    4. Connect the camera and computer using the supplied USB cable.
      • The camera will not connect if the Imaging Edge Desktop (Remote) software is active. Exit the software and then connect the camera.
      • .If your camera has a USB Power Supply option, set it to ON. Use your camera's USB power or USB Power Delivery feature to allow streaming for extended periods.
        • A sufficiently charged battery has to be in the camera and doesn't charge while using USB power.
        • Refer to the Supplying power from a wall outlet section of your camera Help Guide for additional information.
    5. Place the camera in the proper mode:
      • For the ILCE-7M2, ILCE-7S, ILCE-7SM2, ILCE-7RM2, ILCE-5100, ILCE-6300, ILCA-68, ILCA-77M2, DSC-RX1RM2, DSC-RX10M2, DSC-RX10M3, DSC-RX100M4, or DSC-RX100M5:
        • Set the camera mode to (Auto Mode). After the live streaming/web conferencing service and video start, change to movie mode.
      • For all other cameras:
        • Set the camera to movie mode.
        • If you use the camera with the Cinematic Vlog setting or the XAVC S-I DCI 4K setting, you can't use Imaging Edge Webcam in these modes. Use a setting other than Cinematic Vlog or XAVC S-I DCI 4K.
    6. Launch the live distribution/web conferencing service on your computer.
      • You may need to install additional software or register an account.
    7. Change the appropriate setting in the live distribution/web conferencing service to switch to the connected Sony camera.
      • The settings will differ depending on the service you are using. Check the user manual or help page of the service for details.
      • The software doesn't process audio signals. Use the computer's built-in microphone or an external microphone.


    • The aspect ratio is automatically set to 16:9 when using the Imaging Edge Webcam software and will remain in that setting after use. You'll need to set it to a previous value if necessary.
    • The resolution of Imaging Edge Webcam software is 1,024 x 576 pixels.
    • If your camera doesn't support Imaging Edge Webcam software, you may be able to use your camera to live stream using the HDMI® port.

    Troubleshooting tips

    If the Sony Camera (Imaging Edge) selection doesn't appear in the camera settings of the web conferencing system or the live view screen isn't displayed even after the camera setting is switched, the web conferencing system may not be compatible. If the web conferencing system is available in both an app and a browser, try both.

    Other tips will vary depending on the operating system. Select your OS for more information.

    Windows OS