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Internet Video Stations Disappear from the List of Available Stations

    Applicable Products

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Before You Start

    Channel line-up, apps, or available stations, such as Netflix® service, found on your device may randomly change. Make sure that your device has the latest software or firmware installed to avoid any missing channels or apps.

    Note: For model-specific information, refer to the manual that was supplied with your device.


    An app may disappear if there is a change in the internet settings. Check the following settings for any changes:

    • The device is used in a different country or region. Apps are region based and may not work in different countries or regions.
    • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) was replaced or changed a network setting, such as the Internet Protocol (IP). Reset your router or modem and then connect your device to the network.

    If internet stations or apps still won't appear, use the these additional troubleshooting steps:


    • Before you perform the steps below, make sure that your device is connected to the internet.
    • Each of these steps can resolve the issue, so check to make sure that the app didn't reappear after each step is completed.
    1. Perform a software update  to obtain the latest firmware (software) version.

      Note: If the latest software is already installed, No updates available or The Most current update is being used will appear.

    2. From the menu of your device, select Refresh Internet Content.


      • Doing a Refresh Internet Content is not applicable to an Android TV™.
      • For a Blu-ray Disc® player, do an update list  or follow these additional steps to refresh the internet content of the player:
      1. Select Setup.
      2. Select Resetting.
      3. Select Initialize Personal Information.
      4. Select OK.
    3. Reset your modem and router.
    4. Do the Refresh Internet Content procedure again.
    5. Reset your device to the original factory settings.

    Note:  If your  TV displays an error code , additional troubleshooting steps may be necessary.