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I can’t unlock my screen

    WARNING! If you’ve forgotten your screen lock PIN, password or pattern, you may be able to reset it. Note that with some of the reset methods, you may lose all the personal content stored on the device when you reset the screen lock. Make sure you know your Google username and password before performing the steps in this article. Depending on your security settings, your Xperia™ device may lock after a reset or repair. You then need to enter your Google account username and password in order to use the device.

    Note: If you don't remember your account name and password, you may be able to recover them at the Google Account Recovery website. If you still can't reactivate your device, contact Product Support.

    Reset your device using Find My Device

    Note: Your Xperia device needs an active internet connection (Wi-Fi® or mobile network). A full factory data reset is performed when you choose this method. All content on your Xperia device will be deleted. In some cases, the content on the SD card may not be erased during a reset using the Find My Device app.

    1. If your SD card isn't encrypted or used in a corporate environment, remove it before you perform the reset. Turn off the Xperia device before you remove the SD card. Turn the device back on once you remove SD card.
    2. On a computer or in a mobile browser, go to
    3. Sign in to the Google Account that you previously added to your device.
    4. If you have more than one device, select the device that you're locked out of at the top of the screen.
    5. Select Erase. Be aware that this action will permanently erase all of your data, for example, your apps, photos, and music. After you erase the content of your device, Find My Device will no longer work on it.
    6. After you remotely erase the content of your device, you can set up your device again with your Google account and a new screen lock.

    Reset your device using the Software repair feature

    The Software repair feature replaces the software in your device. All personal data stored in your device will be lost. Your personal content on the external SD card will not be erased. The Xperia device must have a minimum charge level of 80% before you can perform a Software repair.

    Watch this video tutorial on how to

    1. On your computer: If not already installed, download and install the Xperia Companion app.
      Note: Do not connect the USB cable to your PC before starting to use your Xperia Companion.
    2. Open the Xperia Companion app.
    3. On your Xperia device, make sure your Xperia device is turned off.
      • If you can’t turn off your Xperia device before performing a software repair, force it to shut down. To shut down, press and hold down the power key and the volume up key simultaneously until the device emits three vibrations.
    4. Connect your Xperia device to the computer using a USB cable.
    5. On your computer, open the Xperia Companion app.
    6. Under Manage your Xperia, click Software repair.
    7. Mark the My device cannot be detected checkbox, then click Next.
    8. Follow the on-screen instructions.