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How to activate Airpeak Plus

    1. Visit the Airpeak Base website -
    2. Click the Sign in button to login with your Sony account.
      Note:  if you don't have a Sony account yet, click Sign Up and follow the on-screen prompts to create oneOnce this is done, return to the Airpeak Base website, and click Sign In and then login with your new Sony account. 

      Airpeak Base Website Sign In and Sign Up buttons

    3. If this is your first time signing in you may encounter one or more of these screen prompts and need to do the following:
      • Link account services:  After reading them, click to check the box to confirm you have read and understand the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and then click the Accept button.     
      • Set profile:  Enter a profile name and, if you want, click the grey circle to add a profile picture.
      • Select intended use:  Select how you intend to use the Airpeak drone, and click the Confirm button.  
    4. Once you're signed in, click your profile icon on the top menu bar, and then click your profile name on the drop-down menu.

    5. Select Account & plan from the left side menu, and then click Redeem activation code. The input screen will appear to enter your Airpeak Plus activation code.

    6. Enter the activation code you received via E-mail, and click the Add button.
      Note: If you haven’t purchased Airpeak Plus yet, please select Get activation code.

    7. Once your activation code has been submitted, confirm the Airpeak Plus status appears on the Accounts & plan page.