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Airpeak Drone - Maintenance and Safe Use

    For Maintenance and Safe Use:

    • In order to use Airpeak safely, before and after each flight please perform inspections, maintenance, and replacement of consumables as necessary.  
    • Always use the latest drone and transmitter system software and the Airpeak Flight app, and stop the flight if you notice any abnormalities.
    • It is important to know the usage status of the drone, propellers, and batteries. You can check the number of flights of the drone, the flight time, and the number of times the battery is charged on the Airpeak Base app. 
    • We recommend that you replace the propellers at 100 flights and the battery upon 200 charges or earlier if needed. Failure to do so may result in an accident with regard to the drone.
    • PLEASE NOTE:  Sony's regular inspection does not include the replacement of propellers and batteries, which are sold separately.
    • Sony recommends that you regularly inspect the drone upon 250 flights or 50 hours of flight whichever comes first or as needed based on use.