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Frequently asked questions about Local dance

    What conditions are required for learning a local dance?
    The following conditions are required:

    • The aibo Friends you invite to eat must know a dance that your aibo has not yet learned
    • The aibo Friends you invite to eat must have a set region in the My aibo app

    What shown as Favorite dance in the profile screen of Friends?
    It shows the dances of the set region.

    How can I make aibo perform a local dance it has learned?
    You can talk to your aibo or make it perform a dance from the list of Tricks in the My aibo app.

    How can I get the dance learning status to improve?
    Eating with friends increases the dance learning status.

    Note: The dance learning status doesn't increase if aibo drinks water, which is a free item, with friends.

    If I change the Region settings on the My aibo app, what happens to the local dance from before the change was made?
    aibo remembers the local dance from before the change and learns the newly set local dance.

    What happens to the accumulated dance learning status if I have aibo forget a local dance it learned using Make aibo forget feature?
    The dance learning status remains in memory and is not reset, even if you have aibo forget a local dance. When you have aibo learn the same dance again, it learns from its previous dance learning status.