Article ID : 00270973 / Last Modified : 12/07/2021

The drone aircraft and remote controller fail to link

    • The remote controller may not be set up to connect to the drone aircraft. Check any messages displayed on the flight screen in the Airpeak Flight app, and then change the setting under Remote controllerConnection.
    • Point the remote controller toward the drone. For details, check the following topics in the Startup Guide and Help Guide.
      • Startup Guide: About the Wireless Transmission Function
      • Help Guide: Cautions when using the remote controller
    • Turn off the wireless function of the camera attached to the drone.
    • If the issue still occurs, turn off the Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® functions of your device, the mobile device attached to the remote controller, and the camera mounted on the gimbal. Then, try linking the drone and remote controller again.