Article ID : S1F1504 / Last Modified : 08/13/2019

Does my VAIO Fit 11A/Flip PC need repair due to the battery pack issue?

    Type the last 7 digits of your PC serial number and click the SUBMIT button to see if your PC requires repair:

    Note: This serial number check is only for VAIO Flip PCs sold in the United States.

    serial number example
    Where do I find the model and serial number?

    Please follow the steps below to locate the model and serial number on your VAIO computer:

    1. Open the laptop.
      Open the computer
    2. Slide the LOCK / RELEASE switch to the RELEASE position.
      release lock
    3. Flip the display over.
      flip screen
    4. Locate the Product Name and S/N (serial number) at the top-right of the back of the display.
      model and serial location