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Can a remote control be programmed for a brand of product that is not listed in the manual?

    Although not always, sometimes it might still be possible to program a remote control for a brand of product not listed in the manual. One option is to try using code numbers provided for other brands within the same product category. Since trying each individual code can be time-consuming, some remote controls (not all) provide a search option that can help you locate a usable code more quickly.

    You can visit the Remote Control Codes & Programming web page at for programming information and to see if any additional codes have been added for specific Sony® remote controls.

    Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    If you have tried all possible codes without success, then the necessary frequency to operate the product may not be built into the remote control.

    NOTE:  Sony does not guarantee 100% remote control compatibility with any third-party products.