Important Notification About Battery Pack VGP-BPS26 in VAIO Personal Computers

Updated: 11/24/2016
Updated: 06/01/2016
Posted: 03/02/2016

Dear Valued Sony VAIO Customer,

November 24, 2016 Update

It has newly come to our attention that some of the VGP-BPS26 battery packs may be susceptible to overheating, due to another manufacturing issue. This has the potential to cause burns to the battery packs.

IMPORTANT: Even if you have already checked your battery pack, or had your battery pack replaced, you need to check again to see if your battery pack is affected.

It has come to our attention that some of the VGP-BPS26 battery packs made by Panasonic may be susceptible to overheating due to a manufacturing issue, which has the potential to cause burns to the battery packs. The battery packs may have come with certain VAIO E Series personal computers released in February 2013, or may have been installed in some VAIO computers during repair. To address this issue we are implementing a free replacement program for affected battery packs.

If you are using one of the listed VAIO personal computers, please check below whether or not your battery pack is affected. If it is an affected battery pack, immediately remove it from your PC. If your battery pack is affected, we will send you a replacement. In the meantime, you can continue to use your PC safely with an AC adapter, while you wait for the replacement battery pack.

As of June 1, 2016, the battery pack replacement program has started.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Affected VAIO Personal Computers

Model numbers that may have come with an affected battery pack at time of purchase:
  • SVE15132CXW
  • SVE15134CXP
  • SVE15134CXS
  • SVE15134CXW
  • SVE15135CXW
  • SVE151390X
  • SVE1513APXS
  • SVE1513BCXS
  • SVE1513JCXW
  • SVE1513KCXS
  • SVE1513MCXB
  • SVE1513MCXW
  • SVE1513MPXS
  • SVE1513RCXB
  • SVE1513RCXS
  • SVE1513RCXW
  • SVE1513TCXW
  • SVE171390X
Model series that may have been equipped with an affected battery pack during repair:
  • SVE1413
  • SVE14A1
  • SVE14A2
  • SVE14A3
  • SVE1511
  • SVE1512
  • SVE1513
  • SVE1712
  • SVE1713
  • VPCCA1
  • VPCCA2
  • VPCCA3
  • VPCCB1
  • VPCCB2
  • VPCCB3
  • VPCCB4
  • VPCEH1
  • VPCEH2
  • VPCEH3
  • VPCEJ1
  • VPCEJ2

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