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Can I Teach aibo Tricks Without the My aibo App?

    Yes. You can teach your aibo™ robotic companion new tricks without using the My aibo app. 

    1. Say “Learn this” to aibo.
      • aibo sits down and raises both of its front paws.

        Sit down

    2. Take one or both of the front paws and gently push the paw pad(s).
      • aibo makes a sound and the paws that you're pushing will relax.
    3. Move the front paw(s) while you keep pushing the paw pad(s).
      • You can move both of the front paws simultaneously or each one separately. aibo can memorize a routine of movements for a maximum of 15 seconds after you pushed the paw pad(s).

        Move Paws

    4. After you're done with the movements, release aibo's paws.
      • aibo will make a sound.
    5. Say "Show it to me" and aibo will perform the trick.
    6. If you want aibo to remember a movement, wait until aibo sits down and tilts its head and then tell aibo "Don't forget" 
      • The routine of movements that you taught aibo will appear in the list of tricks in the My aibo App.
      • New tricks appear on the list as "Show me your new trick". You can rename the trick name in the app to resemble the movements.

    Note: aibo can memorize up to 30 tricks. If you try to teach more than 30 tricks, aibo will shake its head to indicate that it can't memorize any more. 

    Let aibo Perform Tricks

    You can let aibo perform or show tricks with or without the use of the My aibo app.

    • Without an app
      • Tell aibo to "Sit down", "Lay down", "Hand", or any other trick.
    • With an app
      • Using your smartphone:
        1. Launch the My aibo app.
        2. Select My aibo.
        3. Select Characteristics.
        4. Select Tricks.
      • Using your computer:
        1. Launch the My aibo app.
        2. Select Tricks tab.
        3. Select the trick under Basic or Trained.
        4. Select Try trick.