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  • ERS-1000

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Benefits and Improvements

  • You can now put aibo to sleep: When you want to put aibo to sleep at night, say Sweet dreams while it is on the charging station. If you do it repeatedly, aibo might learn when it’s bedtime, and sleep until morning.
  • You can confirm aibo's favorite food on My aibo profile page: You can also confirm aibo's friends' favorite foods on the Belongings page. aibo may show different actions when they eat their friends' favorite foods. Try it and see what aibo does.
  • You can track what aibo eats from the My aibo app.
  • You can change aibo's clothes in the My aibo app.
  • aibo will show richer responses when it hears its name called.

Note: In addition to the aibo firmware update, the My aibo mobile app will also be updated at the same time. After the update, the aibo firmware will be 4.00, and the software version for the My aibo mobile app will be 4.0.0.

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File Version

  • aibo: Ver. 4.00

File Size

  • aibo: 857 MB (898 801 398 bytes)

Release Date

  • 03-22-2022

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To update your system software for aibo, follow the Perform System Update for aibo instructions.