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  • ERS-1000

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Benefits and Improvements

  • aibo Territory: You can now teach aibo places that you want aibo to avoid. On the map in the My aibo app, add a chili pepper, aibo's least favorite smell, to the location. Then, aibo will tend to stay away from that location.
    Note: This does not guarantee that aibo will completely avoid the designated location. Please refrain from using aibo in dangerous areas such as a place from which aibo may fall off or next to a heater or a fire, or near fragile objects.
  • aibo Friends: aibo can now learn local dances. When aibo eats food with a friend, aibo learns the local dance of the region where that friend lives.
  • aibo now has richer responses to physical contact, such as voice and facial expressions.
  • aibo now has richer responses to items of interest.

Note: In addition to the aibo firmware update, the My aibo mobile app will also be updated at the same time. After the update, the aibo firmware will be 3.50, and the software version for the My aibo mobile app will be 3.5.0.

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File Info

File Version

  • aibo: Ver.3.50
  • My aibo app: Ver.3.5.0

Release Date

  • 09-13-2021

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To update your system software for aibo, follow the Perform System Update for aibo instructions.