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The Smart Speaker Doesn't Respond to Voice or Gesture Commands and the Indicator Light Is Off

    The LF-S50G Wireless Smart Speaker with the Google Assistant built-in automatically turns off after an hour if it loses the network connection. Some routers have an Eco mode that automatically turns off the network when there is no network activity. Disable this feature to prevent your speaker from disconnecting from the network and powering off.

    If the speaker lost the network connection, turn it on and reconnect it to the network.

    1. Press and hold the DIMMER/RESTART button at the bottom of the speaker. If the speaker was previously set up, it reconnects to the network automatically.
      RESTART Button
    2. If the issue still occurs, initialize the speaker.
      1. Press and hold the Microphone Off (microphone off) button on the lower back of your device until all four LED indicators light in orange. 
      2. Repeat the Wireless Smart Speaker setup procedure.