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The Bluetooth remote supplied with my TV doesn't control the volume of my soundbar system

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    Some third party soundbars that can be connected to the TV's Optical output can be programmed to adjust volume based on a TV remote that uses infrared signals (IR).

    The latest Sony remote uses a Bluetooth® (BT) connection with the TV, therefore the third party soundbar cannot be setup to adjust volume based on the TV remote.

    Here are some helpful tips that can serve as options:

    • Utilize the HDMI(ARC) connection on the soundbar (if equipped).
      • BRAVIA® Sync is used to adjust the volume of the soundbar.
    • Disconnect the BT mode on the supplied remote.
      • The remote reverts to IR and will facilitate volume control of the soundbar (but will disconnect the Google Assistant and the Mic function).
    • Use the remote provided with the soundbar to adjust the volume on the soundbar.


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