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How to get audio from both the RF headphones and soundbar speaker at the same time

    IMPORTANT: This article apples only to specific Android TV™ models. If your TV is not an Android TV, check the How to get audio out of my headphones and speakers at the same time article instead.

    1. Connect your headphones to the AUDIO OUT port of the TV with a Y cable.

      Headphones to TV connection

    2. On the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
    3. Select Settings.
    4. Select Sound.
    5. Select Speakers.
    6. Select TV speakers.
      • By default the TV Speakers setting is set to Audio system when using the ARC function of the TV and the soundbar speaker system.
    7. This step will vary depending on the TV menu options.
      • At the Sound screen, enable Audio to both TV speakers & other device.
      • At the Sound screen, select Headphone speaker linkSpeaker on.
        • This option is grayed out if the Speakers setting is set to Audio system.
        • Make sure to set the Speakers setting back to Audio system.
        • This option is available even for headphones that don't have a wireless transmitter or headphones that you can connect directly to the TV.