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Change the lamp assembly of the LCD projector

    To change the lamp assembly, remove the cover and insert a replacement lamp. If model-specific information is required to complete any of the steps below, check your manual. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    Before You Start

    • Make sure that the unit has been turned off and unplugged for at least one hour
    • Don't touch the glass surface of the lamp assembly.
    • Replace the lamp with the projector on a flat stable surface.

    Remove the Cover and Replace the Lamp

    1. Turn the projector upside-down so the bottom is visible.
    2. On the bottom of the projector, loosen the lamp assembly screw and remove the cover.
      • The lamp assembly cover is the solid cover located nearest to the handle.
    3. Remove the two screws holding the lamp assembly in place.
    4. While keeping the projector horizontal, using the lamp handle, pull the assembly straight up.
    5. Insert the new lamp assembly until it is securely in place.
    6. Replace and tighten the lamp assembly screws.
    7. Replace the lamp assembly cover and tighten the screw.
    8. Turn the projector back to its normal operating position.
    9. Connect the power cord to set the projector into standby mode.
      • The projector will not reset correctly if it's not set to standby mode.
      • Don't turn on the projector before resetting the lamp hours.
    10. On the control panel, press RESET + LEFT ARROW + RIGHT ARROW + ENTER.
      • The buttons must be pressed in the correct order and within five seconds each to properly reset the projector.