Article ID : 00020200 / Last Modified : 10/26/2020

How to use the Inline Remote and Microphone cord.

    You can use the supplied Inline Remote and Microphone cord to control a compatible Apple® iPod touch® portable player, Apple® iPhone® and iPad™ mobile digital devices. To find out if your device is compatible, refer to the compatible devices list .

    • + Volume up button.
    • - Volume down button.

    The following is a list of how to use the Center button.

    • Single press Play/Pause.
    • Double press Skip to next song.
    • Triple press Skip to previous song
    • Long press Starts the VOICEOVER feature. (if available on your device).

    How to use the Center Button for phone calls.

    • Press once to Answer a call, press again to End a call.
    • Hold down two seconds to Reject an incoming call. Image