A camera as unique as your vlog style

Whether the motivation behind your vlog is lifestyle, tech, beauty or travel, or something different, we have the right camera to help you realise your potential and build your audience. 

Vlog cameras
Cameras designed for vlogging
Vlog camera ZV-E10
Vlog camera ZV-E10

The ZV-E10 is an interchangeable-lens camera especially designed for vloggers who aspire for an artistic look. Its product review mode and internal Directional 3-Capsule Mic allow you to express your creativity by changing lenses for truly remarkable vlogs.

Vlog camera ZV-1

Years of experience aren’t needed to create inspiring content. The ZV-1 is designed for vlogging to allow you to easily capture amazing quality video and audio of you and your world, without any complex setup.

Vlog camera ZV-1F
Vlog camera ZV-1F

The ZV-1F is designed to make content creation and vlogging easy. With a ultra wide-angle 20 mm lens, a directional 3-capsule mic with wind screen, the Bokeh switch and Product Showcase Setting, it is the perfect step up for creators wanting to elevate vlogging.

Add drama to your vlog with ZV-E10

Check out this movie to see how the ZV-E10 can help you create impressive expressions by using interchangeable lenses. The ZV-E10 allows you to achieve superior images and audio quality, allowing your vlog to stand out from the crowd.

Creating artistic vlogs with the ZV-E10

Check out this video to see more details of the ZV-E10 interchangeable lens camera’s impressive features for vlogging.

Make your vlog more portable with ZV-1

Check out the video to see how the ZV-1 allows you to easily achieve pro-level image and audio quality, making your vlog shine.

Learn more about the ZV-1

Check out the features of the ZV-1 for vlogging and content creation.

The first vlogging camera

Check out this video to see the ZV-1F in action. An excellent camera for capturing everyday life with a wide-angle prime lens and features that make capturing video easy, including compact body size. The easy touch controls are intuitive, allowing you can take great shots even with limited camera and vlogging experience.

Ideal camera accessories for vlogging

Please confirm the compatibility of accessories for each model.

Shooting grips for one-hand operation, also a mini-tripod 
Shooting Grip With Wireless Remote Commander

This Bluetooth® wireless remote commander is dust and moisture resistant, allowing for quick and easy direction changes. It seamlessly acts as a remote control for Sony cameras, is contoured for comfort, and also functions as a tripod.

Shooting Grip with Wireless Remote Commander GP-VPT2BT

The GP-VPT2BT Bluetooth® wireless remote commander gives creators a versatile, reliable and cable-free grip for improved mobility and creativity for photography and vlogging. It’s dust and moisture resistant and offers outstanding hold and positioning versatility as well as a tilt function which makes it easy to shoot a wide range of subjects and viewpoints.

High quality external mics for clear audio
Image of ECM-B1M

The ECM-B1M microphone ensures clearer voice narration, thanks to the three switchable directivity modes. This low noise device delivers exceptional audio transmission quality with cameras that support direct digital input via the Multi Interface Shoe. 

Image of ECM-B10

The ECM-B10 is our compact shotgun microphone, leveraging original digital signal processing technology introduced in our ECM-B1M, for outstanding audio quality, switchable pickup patterns, noise cut filtering and more.

Image of ECM-W2BT

With its high-quality sound and reliable connectivity, the ECM-W2BT is an ideal partner for vlogging. A selection of recording modes facilitates the use for a multiple of shooting scenes.

Image of ECM-XYST1M

This compact stereo mic is perfect for use with cameras. Capture depth of sound with precision with an adjustable recording range of up to 120 degrees.

Compact digital shotgun microphone 

The ECM-B10 is a compact shotgun microphone with precise directivity and a choice of three pickup patterns. Digital signal processing, noise cut filtering and digital-audio transmission help achieve clear sound with no degradation and easy post-processing. The cable-free, battery-free configuration makes it highly portable and ideal for movie production. 

High-performance digital shotgun mic

This compact yet high-performance digital ECM-B1M shotgun microphone uses beam-forming to simulate different polar patterns, as well as offering optional noise reduction. This means you can change the focus for your audio recording, to prioritise sound from in front, behind, or all around the camera, making it an ideal microphone for anyone shooting vlogs in a variety of environments.

The ideal wireless microphone for vlogging

With its high-quality sound and reliable connectivity, the ECM-W2BT is an excellent choice for various styles of vlogging. A selection of recording modes facilitates use for both solo sessions and multi-person shoots. Also, for outdoor shooting, it comes with a wind screen to reduce wind noise and supports up to 9 hours of wireless communication when connected to compatible cameras.

Full-frame cameras for pro creators
Full-frame mirrorless cameras
Image of α7C

Packing a full-frame spec that allows serious high-quality movie shooting into a super-compact and lightweight body with a vari-angle monitor, this model represents the top of its class for vlog shooting.

Image of α7S III

With extreme full-frame movie performance including high sensitivity, 15-stop wide dynamic range, 4K 120p, fast and dependable autofocusing, and extra-strong image stabilisation, the α7S III again raises the bar for movie makers.

Image of α7 IV
α7 IV

With groundbreaking performance in both still and movie recording, the α7 IV is the ideal hybrid, providing breathtaking imagery along with on-the-spot delivery and distribution. The α7 IV is a camera designed to bring to life the artistic visions of today's creators.

Top-quality portability and image quality

Check out this movie for more details of the small, yet full-frame interchangeable lens Sony α7C camera.

With professional movie and still capability

Check out this video to see the incredible features of the α7S III full-frame mirrorless camera.

Designed for professional movie creation

Check out this video to see the features of the FX6 full-frame Cinema Line camera.

Great stills camera, excellent for vlogs
APS-C mirrorless cameras

Packed full of features. Real-time Eye AF (for stills and movies), steady image stabilisation, 4K HDR (HLG) movie shooting, a high-capacity battery and microphone and headphone jacks.


Full of features such as extraordinary AF, 4K HDR (HLG) and microphone jack.


With extraordinary AF performance, and 4K movie recording and microphone jack.

Superb autofocus to capture every moment

Optimal video autofocus for vlog creation

The camera's Fast Hybrid AF system works together with Real-time Eye AF to maintain steady and dependable focus on your subject, so you can focus on capturing the story.

Shooting and sharing great travel vlogs

The α6400 makes preserving your travel memories fun with its 180-degree tiltable LCD monitor for easy framing of selfies and an external mic jack for better audio quality. Sharing on social media has also never been easier with built-in Wi-Fi® for smartphone-controlled instant image sharing.

Capture at the speed of life

Now you can concentrate on creating dynamic high-speed action videos, and leave the focusing and tracking up to the AF functions of the α6600, α6400, and α6100, so you'll never miss a moment. Check out this video, which was shot entirely in autofocus with α6400, and demonstrates the impressive autofocus performance and possibilities in 4K quality.

FDR-AX43, ideal for vlogging and more

With a flip out LCD screen and exclusive full touch screen operation, high audio quality and long battery life, our Handycam® is ideal for selfies and puts professional production and video sharing within anyone’s grasp.

Gimbal Mechanism Inside

Sony’s Balanced Optical SteadyShot™ is a unique stabiliser, with a gimbal mechanism about 13 times more effective than other optical systems. Capture smooth, professional-looking images, even at full zoom or while running — with no need for bulky external gimbals.

Compact cameras

A compact body with pro features, like Real-time Eye AF (for stills and movies), image stabilisation, 4K HDR (HLG), and microphone jack. 

RX100 V
RX100 V

A compact camera with amazing Fast Hybrid AF, 4K recording. 

Advanced features for creators & vloggers 

Gone are the days where you had to choose between the quality of your vlogs and giving up precious bag space for bulky equipment. Now, the compact go-anywhere RX100 VII is jam-packed with unique Sony functions, such as Real-time Eye AF, as well as an image stabilising Active mode, a tilting selfie screen, external mic input and excellent audio. 

Sony's functions and apps for vlogs

Some functions may not be available on certain models. Please see individual product pages for more information.

Real-time Eye AF for humans
Real-time Eye AF for humans

Real-time Eye AF simplifies shooting vlogs as it takes care of the autofocus work while you concentrate on composition and dialogue. Real-time Eye AF automatically detects and focuses on your subject's eye. You can prioritise either the left or the right eye and achieve crisp focus even when the face is partially hidden, backlit, moving or facing downwards.

Seamless transitions from body to face and eye tracking
Seamless transitions from body to face and eye tracking

When shooting a distant person in motion, the tracking system captures the whole body, and the focus area will seamlessly change between the face and the eyes according to the condition of the subject. 

Quickly switch focus between face and background which you want to show
Quickly switch focus between face and background which you want to show

The camera’s superb autofocus capability seamlessly shifts focus between the subject’s face and background, allowing you to never miss a moment, whether you’re filming videos or taking selfies. 

Control your camera from a distance with Imaging Edge Mobile
Control your camera from a distance with Imaging Edge Mobile

Now you can use your mobile phone as a remote trigger for your camera to take pictures from a distance.

Transfer stills and movies to your smartphone with Imaging Edge Mobile
Transfer stills and movies to your smartphone with Imaging Edge Mobile 

Transfer pics and videos from the camera to a smartphone with one touch. Automatic background transfer allows images to be transferred to your phone as you take them, and you can view and transfer images even when the camera is off

Versatile video creation capabilities
Versatile video creation capabilities

Full-pixel readout with no pixel binning enables high-resolution 4K movie recording, while a new HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) picture profile supports instant HDR delivery. Sophisticated image stabilisation completes the picture.

S-Log shooting
S-Log shooting

The S-Log3 and S-Log2 Gamma curves feature wide dynamic range (up to 1300% of Rec. 709) to minimise whiteout and blackout and allow a wider scope for colour grading in post-production.

Slow & Quick Motion and interval recording
Slow & Quick Motion and interval recording

You can record Slow and Quick Motion videos directly on the camera, or do interval recording for time-lapse videos, to create unique and engaging footage in post-production.