Social Contribution

Under the slogan "For the Next Generation," Sony engages in social contribution activities around the world,
by making the most of its products, content, technologies, the strengths of employees, and partnerships.
Sony strives to address diverse global issues by supporting education for children and providing emergency relief in large-scale disasters.



Since the company was founded, Sony has been focusing on supporting science education for children who will lead the next generation.
Inheriting the aspiration of Sony co-founder Masaru Ibuka, Sony engages in various educational support activities in STEAM *fields using our strengths in products, content, and technology. Through the companies of the Sony Group, Sony’s charitable foundations, and partnerships with external organizations, we offer learning opportunities for children to empower curiosity, support their dreams and help them gain the power to change the world.
* Acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics


CurioStep with Sony

A global educational program to empower children's curiosity

* A workshop which children learn together regardless of any difficulties or differences they may have

Empower dreams and curiosity to pioneer the future. CurioStepEmpower dreams and curiosity to pioneer the future. CurioStep

Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid

Sony provides humanitarian aid in response to large-scale disasters and emergency crises around the world,
taking into account the degree of urgency and its relationship with the region.

Emergency and Humanitarian Assistance
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Initiatives for Global Issues

Sony strives to make the most of its products, content, technologies, strengths of employees,
and stakeholder partnerships to help address global issues, including those targeted by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sony’s charitable foundations

Sony Music Foundation

A non-profit foundation dedicated to providing high-quality music for children.

Sony Education Foundation

A non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting schools and teachers with creative and leading approaches to science education. Also provides assistance for preschools and educators to enhance the quality of childcare in Japan.

Sony Foundation Australia

A non-profit foundation dedicated to improve the health and wellbeing of young Australians with severe illness, disability and homelessness.

Sony Canada Charitable Foundation

A non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting the betterment of children, the environment and the community in Canada.

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