For stunningly clear audio

Situational image of the ZV-E10 recording a video Situational image of the ZV-E10 recording a video

For stunningly clear audio

Built for Clear Voice Recording

The ZV-E10 makes it easy to clearly record your voice without any worries. The internal Directional 3-Capsule Mic is optimised to capture sound from in front of the camera, recording your voice clearly even when you're in a crowd.
An illustration showing the Directional 3-Capsule Mic inside the ZV-E10

Clear sound recording even outdoors in the wind

The ZV-E10 comes with a wind screen that reduces wind noise when you're shooting outdoors. Just attach the wind screen for worry-free shooting, and you won't have to adjust noise levels after shooting.

For even higher audio quality

Unlike with conventional analogue audio transmission, you'll never need to worry about cable signal interference. Just pair the ZV-E10 with any microphone from Sony that supports a Digital Audio Interface via a Multi Interface (MI) Shoe for clear, low-noise, all-digital audio.
A situational image of the ZV-E10 with ECM-W2BT attached