Add drama to your vlog

Sample image shot with the ZV-E10 Sample image shot with the ZV-E10

Add drama to your vlog

Add artistic effects in camera

You can switch up your color to create a variety of artistic effects. Just change the setting of Creative Style, or choose from seven0  different visual effects using Picture Effect modes.
Sample image shot with the ZV-E10 using the Picture Effect mode
Sample image showing before and after colour grading

S-Log30 support for creative-looking colour tones

The ZV-E10 features S-Log3, used in other high-end Alpha series cameras, for a more creative color tone. With post-production editing on a PC, S-Log3 allows a wide dynamic range for greater control over final colors.
Image illustrating Hybrid-Log Gamma

Instant, true-to-life 4K HDR movies with HLG0

The ZV-E10 gives you the option to shoot 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) movies in faithful, natural colours without complex post-production editing or colour grading.

Learn more about the ZV-E10

Imaging Edge DesktopTM for remote control from a PC

Elevate your images with Imaging Edge Desktop0 applications, software that allows you to control and monitor live shooting from your PC screen as well as organise and edit photos.
Situational image of a studio with the logo of Imaging Edge Desktop

Enjoy video chat on the big screen of BRAVIA

Catch up with your friends and family, on the big screen by connecting your camera to the BRAVIA TV0.
A image of video chat on the big screen of BRAVIA with connected camera