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Does Sony have a flash shoe adapter for attaching third-party ISO flash accessories, such as a radio trigger?

    Sony® α (alpha) Digital SLR cameras feature a special flash hot shoe and flash control terminals designed for use with a system flash models. Although this shoe provides rapid flash attachment and removal, it is not directly compatible with third-party accessories which use the ISO 518-standard hot shoe. However, the following two options are available for use with third-party external flashes or studio lighting systems:

    • ADP-AMA
    • FA-ST1AM

    To attach a third-party flash that conforms to the ISO 518 standard, use the ADP-AMA hot shoe adapter.

    In addition, the Sony FA-ST1AM accessory provides a PC Sync terminal helpful for wired triggering of off-camera lighting systems with the DSLR-A100/A200/A300/A350 cameras. The FA-ST1AM is not necessary for the DSLR-A700/A900 cameras because it features a built-in PC sync terminal.