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Is the Minolta FS-1100 flash shoe adapter compatible with α (alpha) cameras that feature the auto-lock accessory shoe?

    The Konica Minolta™ FS-1100 flash shoe adapter is supported for use with the α (alpha) cameras with Auto-Lock flash shoe.

    WARNING: The FS-1100 is not intended to adapt other ISO 518 shoe flashes. The adapter does not contain a protection circuit to accommodate high trigger voltage. The camera can be damaged if connecting a flash with high trigger voltage.

    The FS-1100 adapts old Minolta AF flashes like the 4000AF to the Auto-Lock flash shoe on select Sony® cameras. The flash exposure, however, will not be controlled by the camera; the old Minolta flashes are not compatible with the flash metering of digital cameras. In addition, the AF assist light of the flash device cannot be used.

    To adapt ISO 518 shoe flashes you can use the Sony FA-HS1AM flash adapter. Its built-in sync voltage protection helps safeguard the camera from potential high trigger voltage of external flash units.