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A noise is heard when playing back recorded video on a camera.

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The sound of zoom operation, lens focusing, cooling fan or buttons being pressed on the camera may sometimes be recorded when shooting movies in certain situations. These mechanical sounds are more easily heard when recording movies in a very quiet environment. In most shooting situations it is difficult to hear these operational sounds. To help prevent unwanted sound during recording, avoid fast panning or tilting and try holding the camera as steady as possible. Adjusting the zoom settings of your camera and slowing the zoom speed can also help reduce the sound of the zoom operation. If a zooming lever is available, do not flick the lever quickly but put your finger lightly on the lever instead to zoom.

Some cameras have an audio input jack for connecting an external microphone. If you can connect an external microphone and place it away from the camera, this can eliminate the mechanical noise. Also, avoid touching the microphone while recording movies.

If your camera is equipped with a Multi interface shoe, an external XLR microphone can be used by attaching a XLR-K1M XLR adapter which is sold separately.

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Additionally, some cameras have an Audio Record Off or Audio Rec Level option in the menu. If your camera has this option, you can select the Audio Rec or Audio Recording to Off to prevent any sound from being recorded at all or set the Audio Rec Level to minimum.

NOTE: Not all cameras have an audio input jack, Audio Rec Level or an Audio Record Off option in the menu. To see if your camera has either of these features, check the specifications on the supplied manual. Manuals are posted on your model support page.