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How to take advantage of the full range of services available with Slacker Radio.

    NOTE: Not all televisions or Blu-ray Disc® players and Home Theatre systems have Internet capability or offers the Slacker® Radio service. To verify whether your unit has either of these capabilities, check the specifications. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    1. Register your unit.
    2. Click the Personalized Music and Video Services link.


      NOTE: If the Internet video device is not registered as shown in step one of this solution, the Personalized Music and Video Services link will not appear after logging in to the Sony ESSENTIALS website.

    3. Click on Slacker Link to Service.


    4. Log in to an existing Slacker account or register to create a new account.


      NOTE: Creating a Slacker Basic account is free. However, for a nominal monthly fee, a Subscription account provides the following benefits:

      • unlimited song skipping
      • no ads of any kind
      • unlimited song requests
      • complete song lyrics