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The headset does not work properly when connected using a USB cable.

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If you encounter any difficulty with the headset when using a USB cable, there may be a problem with the connection. Try the following steps to resolve this issue.

NOTE: Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the headset status after completing each step.

  1. Check the USB cable to make sure it is connected to the computer properly.
  2. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and connect it again.
  3. Make sure the headset is connected to the computer directly without using a USB hub.
  4. Connect the headset to another USB port if more than one is available, since the problem could be caused by a malfunctioning USB port.
  5. Connect the headset to the computer while shutting it down, then restart the computer afterwards.
  6. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer, then reconnect it after restarting the computer.

The troubleshooting steps listed above should resolve your issue. If you have completed all of the steps and the issue is not resolved, service may be required.

For all Sony products (EXCEPT VAIO computers): To send your product to a Sony facility to be repaired or to check the status of the a repair, visit our eService web site.


For VAIO Computer products: Please call 1-888-4SONYPC (476-6972) for service information for your product. To check the status of your VAIO product repair, have your phone number or Best Buy service number available and call 1-800-433-5778.