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Share media from your iPhone or iPad to your TV through iMediaShare

    After pairing your iPhone® or iPad® device to your TV through the Wi-Fi Direct® feature, follow the steps below to share media from the mobile device to your TV using iMediaShare. Make sure to first download the iMediaShare app from Apple® App® store.

    1. On your mobile device, tap iMediaShare.

      iMediaShare icon


      Select Camera Roll Photos

    3. Under CAMERA ROLL PHOTOS, select the album folder of the photo you want to display.

      Select folder

    4. Select the photo that you want to display.

      • A prompt screen will appear to ask where you want to display the photo.

    5. Select your TV device name to display the photo on your TV screen.

      Select screen

      • The selected photo will also appear on your mobile device screen.

      • You can swipe left or right to switch photos.

      • Tap on the icon at the top right corner of your mobile device screen to select display screen.