Article ID : 00016010 / Last Modified : 11/23/2020

How to connect a VAIO computer to a TV using the Wi-Fi Direct feature

    Note: Not all BRAVIA® TVs or VAIO® computers support the Wi-Fi Direct™ feature. To see if your TV or computer supports the Wi-Fi Direct feature, check the specifications or manual supplied with the device. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    1. Make sure that the VAIO computer and the TV have the latest system software update installed.

      Note: Updates can be downloaded from the Network menu of the TV.

    2. From the TV menu, enable the Wi-Fi Direct Mode setting .
    3. On the desktop, in the system tray, double-click the VAIO Smart Network icon.

      system tray screen

      Note: If the system tray icon is not available, manually open the VAIO Smart Network Utility.

    4. Select the Sony TV or BRAVIA from the device list.
    5. Select Wi-Fi Direct as the connection method.
    6. Select OK
    7. Use a support media player, such as Windows Media® Player to play the desired, music, video or pictures on the TV.

      Note: For information on whether or not the selected software supports Wi-Fi Direct, view the software help files or the supplied operations guide.