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What is the Macro mode and how can it be used?

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The Macro mode on a camera is used to take pictures of small objects. It can be used to capture beautiful close up images of small subjects such as insects or flowers.

When shooting in the Auto mode, the Macro mode is automatically enabled when the camera is moved close enough to the subject.

If shooting in Manual mode, you can select the Macro mode using one of the methods below (depending on your camera model).

  1. For cameras with a touch screen, do the following:
    1. In the REC Mode menu, select Intelligent Auto.
    2. Select MENU.
    3. Select Macro.
  2. For cameras with a dial wheel, do the following:
    1. Turn the dial wheel to the M mode.
    2. Press the MENU button.
    3. Turn the control dial to select the Manual Focus option.

NOTES: Keep the below information in mind when using the Macro mode.

  • Scene Recognition and Face Detection cannot be used.
  • The flash mode can only be set to On or Off.
  • The focus speed is slower.
  • Macro mode is canceled if you turn off the power or change the REC Mode setting.