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What Is SAP and how Do I Turn It On or Off?

    What Is It?

    Second audio program (SAP), also known as secondary audio programming, provides audio tracks in languages other than the native language that was recorded in a program.

    This feature is only available on the TV if you use an antenna or cable without a set-top box. If you use a set-top box, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), satellite receiver, or other video source, you must select other languages from the menu of these devices.

    To Turn It On or Off

    • Some models provide an MTS, SAP, or AUDIO button on the supplied remote control.
    • For other TVs, you can turn it on or off from the TV menu.


    • Generally, the SAP setting is in the Settings menu under Audio or Closed Caption.
    • Consult the instruction manual of the TV for model-specific information about the operation of the SAP feature. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • If you hear SAP when you view a program from a source device connected to the VIDEO input, check the instruction manual of the source device to turn on or off SAP.