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What Is a Mastered in 4K Blu-ray Disc?

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What Is Mastered in 4K?

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has released Blu-ray Disc™ movies Mastered in 4K and Optimized for 4K Ultra High Definition Televisions. These Blu-ray Disc movies include the following technologies to yield the greatest possible high definition picture quality, and will upscale to create a satisfying 4K experience:

  • Utilization of 4K movie masters created either from a film source scanned digitally with more than 4K resolution, or shot with 4K digital cameras that provides a more precise and detailed picture.
  • The utilization of x.v.YCC color gamut to the 4K movie master delivers an expanded range of rich color contained in the original source when viewed on a high definition television compatible with x.v.YCC specification.
  • We worked together with Sony Pictures to optimize the algorithms of down-converting 4K movie masters to upscale it with the 4K-Reality Pro Engine, when viewed on a 4K LED TV.

    View picture of sample packing of a Blu-ray Disc movie Mastered in 4K.

Steps to Activate Mastered in 4K Function

Activate this function to optimize and provide picture quality suitable for Blu-ray Discs Mastered in 4K. Steps to active this function may vary. Check your manual for model-specific information.

Activate Mastered in 4K on Your Blu-ray Disc Player

  1. Connect your Blu-ray Disc player to the HDMI® input of your TV.
  2. Set the HDMI signal output from your Blu-ray Disc player to 1080/24p.
    1. On the Blu-ray Disc player's remote control, press the HOME button.
    2. Select Setup.
    3. Select Screen Settings.
    4. Select Output Video Resolution.
    5. Select 1080/24p.
  3. Play any Blu-ray Discs with Mastered in 4K title.

Activate Mastered in 4K on Your TV

For TVs Connected to BRAVIA® Sync

For TVs Not Connected to BRAVIA Sync